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Ibis DV9 – Mini Review

Ibis DV9 – Mini Review

Ibis are a long established American brand who have a history with only releasing new bikes every few years. The bikes they make are made to last and usually have some very individual features that make them category winners. The DV9 is no exception.. The DV9 is a carbon hardtail designed to accommodate 29 inchContinue Reading Ibis DV9 – Mini Review


Pedal To Progression Children’s Camps MTB Grading

Pedal To Progression Children’s Camps MTB Grading


We’ve updated our Children’s Mountain Bike Camps to offer an even better experience for your child!

Our MTB camps will be categorised based on ability using a scale similar to how trails are graded.


  • Each coaching camp is graded based on rider skill and fitness level required!
  • It allows your child to ride with children of a similar ability.
  • This means more time spent riding during the their sessions!
  • Your child can also progress to the next level when they are ready.

We advise underestimating your child’s abilities if they are attending their first Pedal To Progression mountain bike camp. We are more than happy to invite them to try a harder graded session if they are exceeding the criteria for the session they are booked onto.

To see which category best suits your child read our criteria below..  Read more about Pedal To Progression Children’s Camps MTB Grading