Our Latest Testimonial

We don’t normally blow the trumpet when we get feedback from our clients but this well written testimonial is too good not to share.

“After about a ten year lay of from specific downhill riding I thought it was time to start doing the enduro rounds.

With over 25 years mountain bike experience including downhill racing in the UK it would be a reasonable challenge to say “Why do you need to get coaching? Can’t you just go out on your bike?”

Whilst I could just ride my bike and eventually I’d possibly get there – I found that the cost of a new tyre got me a one to one coaching session that fast tracked a lot of improvements.

Yes, you can ride your bike but Adam quickly spotted things I could do better and delivered a noticeable improvement in speed and control in a very short period of time.

He asked me sensible questions so I could put some pieces together and work out the solution and also delivered simple “why don’t you try this?” ideas.

A great coach, fun to ride with, fun to learn from and with a wealth of experience.

It just shows – if you listen you are never to old to learn.” – Johnny about his one to one session.

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