A collection of testimonials from some of the clients we have helped discover new levels in their riding!

Zara left her review on our Facebook page. – “Adam is a great teacher! Very patient and gave me some really great tips. I’d recommend his courses to anyone starting out, I’m already looking to book my next one!”

Nick Corlett speaking about his personalised training programme – “Adam has helped me to achieve a lot over the short time we have been working together, he has helped me push my body to new levels through carefully thought out sessions that are designed around performing at the top level of XC MTB. He has helped me understand that quality is often better than quantity, and this has defiantly improved my racing and fitness. He is great also when it comes to the skills side of the sport small bits of advice on technique and bike set up have made big changes to my riding abilities over the time we have worked together and I am sure will continue in the future. He can give you small bits of advice which in the bigger picture make a huge difference to your riding. 

His attention to detail is unparalleled and he can find the correct balance between work load and rest very well. One of the main things that I like about him as a coach is that he is always good to listen to your thoughts and opinions on the training he has given you its very much a two way thing between coach and athlete. He always wants to see you progress to be the best rider you can possibly be. He is also never afraid to try new things weather it be different type of training on the bike, gym work or cross training he keeps it varied which you need as a full time athlete.”

Experience cyclist Johnny on his one to one session – “After about a ten year lay of from specific downhill riding I thought it was time to start doing the enduro rounds. With over 25 years mountain bike experience including downhill racing in the UK it would be a reasonable challenge to say “Why do you need to get coaching? Can’t you just go out on your bike?”

Whilst I could just ride my bike and eventually I’d possibly get there – I found that for the cost of a new tyre, got me a one to one coaching session that fast tracked a lot of improvements.

Yes, you can ride your bike however Adam quickly spotted things I could improve and delivered a noticeable improvement in speed and control in a very short period of time.

He asked me sensible questions so I could put some pieces together and work out the solution and also delivered simple “why don’t you try this?” ideas.

A great coach, fun to ride with, fun to learn from and with a wealth of experience.

It just shows – “if you listen you are never to old to learn.”

Maria about her One to One session. –“I can highly recommend Adam’s calm and patient approach. I picked up lots and lots of tips which I will put into practice.”