Terms & Conditions


The Signed Agreement:

All clients sign and agree that they participate on the course at their own risk, after agreeing that the qualified coach / guide has taken reasonable steps to establish as safe an environment as possible through dynamic risk assessment prior to and during the activities. Also, that they know of no personal disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which affect their ability to take part in the course.   

Mountain biking can be dangerous. All and any riding or participation is undertaken at your own risk. Pedal To Progression will provide you with training in an appropriately safe working environment and provide you with a fully qualified and insured coach / guide. Clients will not be placed under any pressure to perform skills if they do not feel comfortable in doing so.

You have the option to walk any part of the course/route if you feel that it is beyond your capability.

If you choose to take part in a session / course / ride Pedal To Progression cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury you may sustain (which includes theft of your equipment) whilst attending our courses/guided rides providing we are not directly at fault. If you are concerned regarding loss, theft or damage to your equipment and/or injury to yourself, you should consider taking out their own Personal Accident Insurance and 3rd Party Liability Insurance. Pedal To Progression is not responsible for securing your bike or equipment during any course, guided trip or holiday. Please note riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian.


Courses/camps/sessions will not be cancelled due to bad weather unless the coach/guide deems that the safety of clients will be affected due to EXTREME weather conditions, such as snow or icy conditions. If a skills course / guided ride is cancelled in these circumstances a mutually convenient alternative date will be offered at no extra cost. If Pedal To Progression cancels an event in these circumstances no refund will be offered and additional expenses such as travel, accommodation or time off work will not be reimbursed.

Pedal To Progression may use promotional photographs and video footage from courses and trips, if you do not wish for a photograph or video of you to be used for promotional purposes you should make staff at Pedal To Progression aware or email us at pedaltoprogression@hotmail.com.


  • Pedal To Progression have the right to cancel courses at any time when the wellbeing and safety of clients is compromised which are outside Pedal To Progression’s control. A refund or alternative course/session will be offered in these circumstances.
  • Cancellation by a client with more than fourteen days prior to course date results in loss of 20% of the full course/session fees.
  • Cancellation by a client less than fourteen days prior to course date results in a loss of 100% of course/session fees.
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled upon request. One months notice is required. Subcription payments automatically cease at the end of your subscription term.


Refunds will not be given if:

  • Attendee arrives later than 15 minutes after the stated course start time. And they will also be unable to complete the rest of the course/session.
  • It transpires that your bike is found to be unsafe prior to the session or if it fails. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that both you and your bike are fit for purpose. Please ensure that you wear cycle protection equipment. Helmets, gloves and eye protection must be worn. High visibility and additional protection should be worn as appropriate.
  • The coach / guide deems the rider either dangerously unprepared or if their bicycle is not in safe working order. All attendee’s bikes will be checked prior to departure on any course or guided ride. Pedal To Progression reserves the right to cease any session without a refund if this is the case.
  • A cancellation by the client less than fourteen days prior to course date.
  • If an attendee behaves in a manner deemed to be dangerous or inconsiderate, a warning will be issued by the coach/guide. If the attendee repeats such behaviour, the session / guided ride / course will be stopped and no refund will be issued. In extreme cases instruction/guiding will cease immediately without warning.
  • Also, Pedal To Progression reserves the right to cease any session/course/guided ride without a refund.


Gift vouchers have no cash value, are not refundable and are not transferable. All Terms and Conditions relating to “Courses / Sessions / Guided Rides / Bike Setup” referred to above apply to gift vouchers.


By beginning a Pedal To Progression Training Programme or Plan, I hereby declare that:

1. I understand that the event that I am beginning (“a training programme/plan”) and agree to run under the technical regulations, guidelines, bye laws and anti-doping rules and I hereby agree to comply with (“the Rules“) and any other rules stipulated by the relevant Event Organiser (“the Event Organiser”).  I understand that I will not be entitled to a refund if I am disqualified from the Event as a result of, or infringement of these Terms or the Rules.

2. I understand and agree that I will complete the training programme/plan entirely at my own risk, that I must rely on my own ability in dealing with all hazards, and that I must conduct myself in a manner that is safe for myself and all others throughout the duration of the training programme/plan. I agree to conduct myself in a professional and cautious manner

3. During my participation in any Event and/or when completing in a training programme/plan I will cycle with care and attention and will abide by the Rules, the UK Highway Code and any other rules stipulated by the Event Organiser or coach.

4. I acknowledge that participation in any training session and/or Event is physically strenuous and demanding. I am aware of the nature of training for an Event and associated medical and physical risks involved. I further certify that I am physically capable of participating in a training programme/plan and am capable of completing the training programme/plan. I will only participate in the Event if I am fit enough to do so.

9. If I have any medical condition/s, including allergies, which the Coach might need to be aware of, I undertake that I have provided details of these prior to starting the training programme/plan.

10. I accept full liability and responsibility for any medical expenses incurred as a result of training for and/or participating in the Training Programme/Plan. I agree to pay fees on time and will contact Pedal To Progression if I am unable to do so.

11. The terms and conditions may be revised at any time.