MTB Academy – Newcomers (HT)


Learn To Ride – OFF ROAD Academy (ALL AGES*)

Using fun games and technical practices we’ll let your child learn new mountain bike skills in a relaxed environment. As part of a group, we’ll ride the mountain bike trails, set riding challenges and play fun games to ensure that we all get a big smile and covered in mud!

VENUE: South Barrule Plantation (Meeting at the main car park).
DATE: Every SATURDAY during school term time.
TIME: 9:00-10:00am

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The aim of the sessions is to introduce off road riding and develop their skills, so that fitness and speed is not a barrier as they are introduced to more technical terrain and intermediate skills. All riders will have the opportunity to improve regardless of ability or experience. We’ll share our knowledge of MTB ettiquette, including how to share the trails with other users and maintain our pledge to UNESCO Biosphere IOM.

Run by a qualified mountain bike coach with over 10 years experience delivering cycling activities to children of all ages and abilities. Our MTB Academy has been offering outstanding MTB coaching since September 2020!

VENUE: South Barrule Plantation (Meeting at the main car park).
DATE: Every SATURDAY during school term time*.
TIME: 9:00-10:00am

This session is aimed at children who ideally:

  • Can ride uphill without stopping on gentle to moderate climbs.
  • Can use both front and back brake independently.
  • Can ride flat turns proficiently.
  • Have experienced riding off road (such as Railway lines, forest roads).

Working towards:

  • Know how to ride in their ‘Attack position’.
  • Riding safely in a group and independently using gears to maintain speed.
  • ‘Weight shift’ by moving their body around their bike.


*Please note only cancel sessions under extreme weather conditions. Check our Facebook page for updates if you are unsure prior to the session.
**Exclusion dates: Saturday 9th April 2022 & Sat 9th July 2022


What do I need to wear for this session?

Wearing a helmet during the session is compulsory. Full finger gloves are advised for off-road cycling. Please dress appropriately for the weather and riding conditions. Prepare for changable conditions!

What do I need to bring to the session?

Please bring anything you usually take with you on an MTB ride (inner tube, pump, food, water etc.) ensure your bike is in full working order. Failure to do so may mean you can’t take part in the session.

Where will we meet?

We will meet in the main car park.

Can I join the ride as a parent?

No. Our insurance is very specific and prohibits parents joining the MTB sessions. As always, we are happy to discuss how your child is progressing and their experiences at the Academy sessions.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Send us an email at


Our Pedal To Progression MTB curriculum follows the key themes set out in the rider development pathway created by the UK’s governing body for cycle sport, British Cycling.

As a recognised talent development coach, this structure allows us to deliver coaching sessions to identify riders strengths and improve their abilities based on key themes.

The themes are:
On-Bike skills (e.g.cornering, braking)
Independent learning
Off-bike skills (e.g. first aid & emergency repairs)
Social/Emotional awareness

Each theme is integrated into riding activities within every session. With progressive linked sessions your child can develop at their own rate rather than meeting ‘set targets’ for their age. Coaching sessions are varied, diverse and have in-built flexibility to adapt to the children who attend each session (and the weather!).

We value aspects of riding that are often left out when just ‘going for a ride’ with an MTB ride leader or instructor. For example, understanding how to adapt your riding to trail conditions, negotiate obstacles with a purpose, rider etiquette in shared spaces and what to do in an emergency are essential to a long lasting love of riding a bike without unnecessary injury.

Our aim is for all children to be engaged, challenged and most importantly, able to have fun when riding their bike!

Additional information

Number of children?

1, 2

Also attend road academy?

Yes, No

What size jersey?

No thanks, ours is still ready to ride!, 5-6, 7-8


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