Pedal To Progression Children’s Camps MTB Grading


We’ve updated our Children’s Mountain Bike Camps to offer an even better experience for your child!

Our MTB camps will be categorised based on ability using a scale similar to how trails are graded.


  • Each coaching camp is graded based on rider skill and fitness level required!
  • It allows your child to ride with children of a similar ability.
  • This means more time spent riding during the their sessions!
  • Your child can also progress to the next level when they are ready.

We advise underestimating your child’s abilities if they are attending their first Pedal To Progression mountain bike camp. We are more than happy to invite them to try a harder graded session if they are exceeding the criteria for the session they are booked onto.

To see which category best suits your child read our criteria below.. 

Green – New To MTB

  • Can already cycle unassisted on gentle terrain.
  • Have an understanding of how to stop using their brakes and start cycling consistently well.
Green Grade Trail

Working towards:

  • Riding narrower trails
  • Being able to ride standing up in their attack position.
  • Climbing uphill without stopping.

Blue – Have experienced riding off road

  • Know how to ride in their ‘Attack position’.
  • Can ride uphill without stopping on gentle to moderate climbs. 
  • Can use both front and back brake independently.
  • Can ride flat turns proficiently.

Working towards:

  • Riding safely in a group and independently using gears to maintain speed.
  • ‘Weight shift’ by moving their body around their bike.

Red – Intermediate

  • Can negotiate narrow single track trails containing roots, rock gardens with a mix of gradients including being able to ride a sustained climb.
  • Understand how to ride safely in a group and corner using a berm and shift their gears to maintain momentum.
  • Can ride in all weather conditions for short durations (an hour).


Working towards:

  • Controlling their speed and momentum using their brakes and grip points to maintain or gain momentum.
  • Riding intermediate features such as rollable drop offs and jumps.
  • Negotiating advanced features such as off camber turns and pumping terrain.


Black – Advanced

  • Can ride narrow single track trails containing roots, rock gardens with a mix of gradients.
  • Can ride almost any trail feature includingrutted trails and .steep and technical climbs and descents.
  • Prepared to ride in almost any weather conditions. for a prolonged period of time. 
  • Understand how to brake and carry momentum in difficult conditions. 

Working towards:

  • Negotiating the most advanced trail features such as drop off’s and jumps that are not rollable. 
  • Riding almost anywhere and anything!


If your not sure you can contact us for further information!