Why you NEED a personalised suspension setup!

You’ve spent a lot of money on a quality mountain bike and suspension technology is better than ever, but in order to function properly it needs to be set up correctly! Different brands use different systems and it can be a challenge to get your perfect setup.

No idea what these dials do?

Ideally your suspension settings will be able to allow your bike to track and handle predictably while absorbing jumps and other impacts in its stride by using the full range of available travel.

The hard part is that the fork and shock are just two parts of the total suspension system. If you change one, it affects the others. It is a case of keeping your bike balanced over as many obstacles as possible.

Not sure how to adjust them?

Your body can also make a huge difference to your control, speed and handling of your bike. That’s why Tyred n’ Cranky and Pedal To Progression have joined forces to offer our suspension setup sessions.

If you have a new bike and not sure how to get the most out of it or haven idea what those dials do? Then our suspension setup sessions are FOR YOU!

We offer a tailored service completely focused on getting the most out of your bike. We start by setting and measuring your base settings with a quick overview of what to expect during the session. We’ll use a trail tailored to your riding level to dial in your suspension and focus on your core mountain biking techniques.

Bike and body working in tandem over steep terrain.

Troy will make suspension adjustments in small increments and to single elements so that you can evaluate the changes. Troy will continue to refine your settings until you are happy that your setup hits the sweet spot!
150FB2C5-3D4A-4EB3-9610-F4DE6AAB302FAdam will observe your technique and provide feedback to get you riding your bike better than ever! You’ll go away with a goodie bag, your new suspension settings and feel more confident, stable and ‘at one’ with your bike! Spending just a couple of hours setting up your suspension will transform your riding enjoyment, and can also be a lot of fun!

We are taking bookings for 2019 now! Leave your details below and we’ll send you all the details. 

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