Got a new bike and not sure how to get the most out of it? Get a nagging pain that you just can’t shift? Don’t know your compression from your rebound?

Then our suspension setup sessions are ideal for anyone wanting to get the most from the suspension on their bike. We offer a tailored service completely focused on getting the most out of your bike. We’ll use a trail your familiar with to dial in your suspension and make your bike handle better than ever!



  •  Analysis of your suspension tune including recommendations to your setup to improve the balance and feel of your bike. It can be tuned to the style of riding you do!  We’ll suggest adjustments for your chosen use and help you understand how each adjustment works and then test out any changes.
  • Freelap timing system used to time sections of trail, segments or compare lap times. Ideal if your a racer looking for proof of your gains!
  • Technical coaching to ensure you are just as balanced and controlled as your bike!
  • We record your settings to take away with you for future reference!

Contact us to book your suspension tuning session at your nearest trails!

We use the market leading suspension tuning system device, the ShockWiz, to give you accurate and measurable recommendations! The ShockWiz gives automated tuning recommendations based on actual ride data on air suspension*.  It will work on hardtail and dual suspension bikes with air suspension. Whether your ride is Cross-Country, Trail, All-mountain, Enduro or Downhill it will help setup your bike for its intended use! Ideal if your not sure what all those dials do or even to confirm your settings are best for your style of riding!

It’s designed for all mountain bike riders, regardless of their experience or bike’s intended use. It’s multiple tuning options mean we can tune for every riding style: Efficient (pedalling), Balanced, Playful or Aggressive.
The ShockWiz is widely compatible and works on with most air-sprung suspension forks and rear shocks, from many different manufacturers.

TOP TIP: Combine this with a skills coaching session for the ultimate improvement in your riding!


Commonwealth Games athlete Nick Corlett  – “Small bits of advice on technique and bike set up have made big changes to my riding abilities during the time we have worked together.”

*Coil suspension analysis coming soon!