Orange P7S – Mini Review

Review – 2018 ORANGE P7S


At the start of this summer I was chuffed to get my hands on my first 29er I’ve ever owned! The Orange P7S!

The P7S is available with both 27.5 and 29 inch wheels and also a RS version if you want an even better spec version of this popular trail bike! It’s frame is made from Reynolds 525 steel. Why steel? Steel is heavier than any other material available to make bicycle frames however it’s properties can give a really compliant ride and feel whilst riding on the trail!

Here are the main reasons we chose the Orange P7S .

Weight – It’s steel construction frame adds ‘extra weight’ which is ideal for keeping fit. We all know when you have to pedal and move around more weight it puts more strain on your body which your body adapts to so your fitness improves. With my limited time available to train this is a big positive for me as I have to put extra effort in when working with clients and remain reasonably fit! It’s also proved to be strong enough to be uplifted and rip down a couple of well known enduro and downhill tracks in the wettest conditions with no complaints but plenty of fun!

Adaptability – Choosing this 29er frame also allows the option of running a 27.5+ tyre. With a bigger tread (up to 3.0 inches!) it means once the wet and wild winter arrives, the fatter tyres can find grip in even the sloppiest mud and mean you can still climb the unclimbable climbs! With only 6 weeks of ownership I’ve found that the standard 29er wheels already have excellent grip. The mix of 30mm wide rims fitted with WTB tyres give a huge ‘footprint’ on the trail. No complaints in the summer dust or in damp loam.


Reliability – The ‘S’ build comes with simple and effective Shimano MT500 brakes, SLX shifter and derailleur, a tuneable Rockshox Revelation RC fork . The Formula hubs and Kore realm rims provide no fuss wheels. As our go to bike for coaching and guiding we don’t want to be wasting precious time repairing our bike when we could be helping clients have fun on their own bikes!

It’s makes me a better rider – With only 130mm front suspension travel it’s got a lot less travel than my usual go to bike. The bike rewards smooth riding and using the larger wheels to carry momentum with the grip they provide. It’s also an efficient climber.



  • Bar & Stem: The P7 arrived with Kore 35 handlebars with 780mm wide bars and a 50mm stem. Solid, high quality components. Chopping the bars down to 760mm to make sure I can get through even the tightest gaps between the trees! Due to getting a large frame which has a long top tube, so with a 50mm stem I felt a little too stretched out when riding so switched to a 35mm length stem to bring the controls back to somewhere comfort. This paired with the low rise handlebar has given me a lower, more aggressive stance and the bikes handling has got more responsive, more stable, and more fun!4552FBB6-475D-4D18-8A16-32557741D9A4
  • Dropper post – The Kore dropper post comes standard with the ‘S’ build. It has a sensible lever and Unfortunately within a few rides part of the dropper post has become loose and let dirt and water past the seal and it is beginning to scratch the stanchion. It’s pretty much the worst thing than can happen to a moving part as with continued use will wear it beyond repair. It is going to be returned for warranty.
  • Tyres – Although they were very easy to set up tubeless being tubeless ready, whilst competing in the Manx 50, I managed to slice through the tread of the WTB rear tyre. It still works fine with a tube, it’s just a little annoying to happen to a brand new tyre! So far the WTB tyres have been easy to live with in most conditions the Isle Of Man climate has to offer.

Overall it’s a great bike that I can’t wait to spend more hours riding it. If your looking for a bike that’s loads of fun, very capable and made to last, head to Bikestyle to get yours!