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Nukeproof A.R.D Tyre Insert

Nukeproof A.R.D Tyre Insert

Nukeproof Advanced Rim Protection!

Most tyres now have inbuilt protective casing and are better than ever! However it only takes one awkward rock or spike to cause pinch flats, rim dings, tyre burps etc. The last thing you want is a hole in your tyre when your in the middle of the night!  Most tyre manufacturers add heavier casing to their tyres which adds weight that riders don’t want to carry, never mind the spare tubes, tyre plugs and patches in your backpack. This can also lose the feel and natural cushioning in the tyres hence why plus sand fat tyres are so popular! Over the past few years engineers have been looking at ways to develop protective systems to help eliminate the chances of punctures.

Current offerings can be up to 4 times as expensive and can be way more challenging to fit! The closest competitor is the flat tyre defender which I have fitted to one of my rear wheels. It is the lightest offering and sold a similar price point as the A.R.D. It is easy to cut and fit but doesn’t offer the same level of dampening.

Enter stage, Nukeproof A.R.D. The ARD has an unusual shape  to act as a bump stop between the rim and tyre. This deflects the energy and minimises the opportunity for pinch flats. The “wings” of the ARD protect the rim from dents and dings whilst also allowing the tyres to be seated easily.  The insert slides easily into the tyre when one side of the tyre is already fitted.

Individual shape, to protect and support!

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