Hope F12 Kids Flat Pedal

Hope have made a version of their F20 for children. The F12! Is it the perfect pedal for kids?

Made from aluminium using the same internals and platform material as the larger pedals these too are also available in Hope’s famous wide range of colour anodising.



The platform measures 90 x 90 which would fit most children from age 6+ up to small size adult feet. The pedals weigh with CrMo axles. (Titanium upgrades are available here) and they have 12 removable pins. They also have a rippled effect across the platform. With all the pins fitted their sharp edges provide grip, however the cost is that a pedal slip will cause sharp scratches on shins. Ouch! Not the best encouragement for junior trail rippers!

The other downside is that the pins are fitted by screwing them with a 2.5mm hex key. As this hole faces outwards it is guaranteed to be filled with dirt and mud when used off road on the trails. This makes adjusting the pins a pain the more they are used! When all the pins are removed the rippled effect doesn’t offer much grip either. Especially in wet conditions. Our best advice would be to fit the pins in the corners of the pedals.


They do have style even in a tame silver colour with the addition of Hope etching. I do like the shape of the pedal which makes mud unlikely to clog the pedals even in the worst conditions.

Durability is not an issue due to the three bearings and a bush which allows the pedals to spin very freely. The rubber grommet helps reduce water and grit entering the pedal too. Like most Hope products with the correct tool you can replace the bearings and bush if and when they wear out.

These pedals do come at an expense! An RRP of £105 is more than some parents will pay for a whole bike never mind a pair of pedals. These pedals should be seen as a long term investment which can be transferred from bike to bike as your child grows.

Overall a sturdy and stylish pedal however the grip in mixed conditions isn’t the best available and they are expensive.


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