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Park Tool Sliding T Handle THH-1 Mini Review

Having worn out standard allen keys and P handle hex keys and increasingly doing more of my own bike maintenance I decided it was time to upgrade to the Park Tool Sliding T handle set.

With eight common sizes from 2mm all the way to 10mm it’s unlikely you’ll need to buy any other size for use with bicycles. They ‘feel’ sturdy with a nice weighting and hardy  a luxurious finish compared to my old Silverline tools.

One of my favourite features is the ‘speed spinner’ which floats part way along the main shaft to allow you to spin the shaft quicker than a P-handle key to remove long bolts. It’s way more efficient. Necessary? No. But a cool feature nonetheless!


The integrated ‘strip gripper’ feature is a twisted hex that was the main reason I chose this brand of T-handles. Occasionally any home mechanic will round off a bolt. Whether you used a tiny multitool out on the trail in muddy conditions or overtightened a rotor bolt without a torque wrench then this is where this feature comes in handy. You can wriggle the twisted hex into the bolt and using the extra leverage of the T-handle, gently unwind the rounded bolt. I’ve used it a few times already with great success!

Once unpacked they sit well on the tool holder which was included in the set.


This set has quickly become my go to set of hex keys when working on my bikes. I’d recommend them to any serious enthusiast who spends time working on their bike.


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