KnightWash 101 and KnightShine 101 review!

Is this the best cleaning product available? World Champion Enduro motorcycle rider, David Knight MBE has brought this product out for everyone who gets their pride and joy muddy!

Normally i’m sceptical when a World Champion promotes a new product. Clever marketing can often mean that they are paid to claim this product does ‘A, B and C’! This product does exactly what it says.

The idea for a cleaning product came from local business Chemical Services run by Jamie Teare on the Isle Of Man. Whilst moving out of old premises Jamie found some of his fathers drawings of a product he and ‘Knighter’ had discussed creating. Years later the KnightWash and KnightShine are now available to the public.



The yellow KnightWash is used to remove dirt and mud from your bike. It’s instructions are to spray your bike with water first, then spray on the KnightWash and leave for a minute. Scrub the dirt using a brush (I never bother as this wash loosens dirt so well!) Use a hose to wash away the dirt and you have a clean bike!

Bonus points:

  • NON-CAUSTIC – No corrosion or burning through expensive seals in your suspension!
  • BIO DEGRADABLE – Less water pollution for everyone.
  • QUICK ACTING – This stuff cleans fast so you have more time riding.


This product is amazing! Especially if you like your bike to look great all the time!

All you do is spray it on and leave it to dry. THAT IS IT! No polishing or wiping required. And you’ll get that new bike wet look! It’s a lazy mans dream product.


This product repels dirt and water SO well that it can reduce grip on contact points like your saddle, handlebar grips and also brake discs. It does say this on the back of the bottle so spray it elsewhere for maximum shine!


We highly recommend both the wash and shine as it’s performance is streets ahead of products currently available from the competition. As you can see from the before and after pictures of our Orange P7S mountain bike.

KnightWash 101 – £7.99 for 1L and KnightShine 101 – £10.99 for 1L

We only use products we believe offer great value and high quality. Therefore you can support local business and purchase yours from us at Pedal To Progression. Contact us to order with FREE delivery to IOM!

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