Whyte 901 Hardtail Review

Review 2017 Whyte 901 Hardtail


Earlier this year I managed to get my hands on only the second hardtail I’ve ever owned! The Whyte 901 is the 27.5 inch wheeled version of their popular trail bike!

Aimed at riders who want to have fun, riding trails almost anywhere without having to spend a fortune for great quality kit!

My motives for ‘needing’ this bike were a little more than ‘N+1’!

  1. It’s multi purpose – This ‘trail’ bike has been used as my work bike. Turning up to coach with a top spec bike can sometimes be off putting for a beginner on a budget bike who’s trying to learn. If you can ride a difficult feature on a basic bike you can ride it on any bike! Between commuting to meetings, coaching sessions and leading visitors in the summer it’s been truely adaptable. It’s been great to ferry Evan in his trailer and a lot of fun tackling some of the tougher enduro trails on the Isle Of Man!
  2. High quality kit – When your working with clients around the island you need a reliable bike. The no fuss spec needs minimal maintenance. It can be left in the garage wet and covered in mud, only to be used again the next day without any issues. The XT drivetrain, Rockshox suspension and dropper post have been faultless and functional in all weather conditions.9D95FE49-C007-4B39-98C8-EECE64543C95
  3. It’s made me a better rider – With only 120mm front suspension travel it’s got a lot less travel than my go to bike. Losing 40mm less at the front and 160mm at the back has forced me to ride smoothly. It’s a capable bike in rough terrain that really rewards smooth line choice and committing to brakeless turns. With it being a hardtail it’s also an efficient climber.

IMG_1752The standard spec is great value and the 901 only gets better with some simple changes. I chose to change the tyres to a tubeless setup. It’s made the wheels lighter for climbing, created more grip and minimised the chance of punctures. I also added a short 40mm stem which paired with the long top tube on this bike it makes you feel very stable at speed on the trails. And of course fitting a dropper post! Everybody can move around on the bike much easier with their seat out of the way! You’d be mad not to have one!


If your looking for a bike that’s loads of fun, has a great spec that’s excellent value for money look no further! And i’ve heard the 2018 version is even better!

Get yours at the islands Whyte bicycles dealer Erin Bike Hut!

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