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Coaching Works!

My very first coaching client has achieved more great things this season which I’m pleased to share with you all!


4 years ago Nigel approached me to assist him with his goals whilst I was being mentored through the final stages of qualifying as a British Cycling Level 3 mountain bike coach. I created what was an untraditional long distance endurance training program and at that time I had never witnessed or attended a 24 hour race. Nigel was keen to try it out and put trusted the coaching program.

At that time I had never witnessed or attended a 24 hour race. To put that into perspective Nigel had also only ridden in pairs with his good friend Guy Whaley (who finished 10th overall in 2013 a lap behind Jason miles and 36 minutes ahead of some fella called Guy Martin.

With lots of Pedalling and Progression in his training during recent years, Nigel has results to match.


World Endurance MTB Organisation Championships – 6th place Solo Male in category 10UTB – 4th Solo in age category


R24H – 20th in class. 5th Manx rider. 56th Overall


R24H – 12th in class. 3rd Manx rider. 20th Solo Overall

10UTB – 8th in class 1st Manx rider 13th Solo Overall

For 2017 his goals were to reach a Top 10 overall and a personal best finish at both 10Under The Ben AND Relentless 24Hour mountain bike endurance race with a side of local kudos of finishing as first Manx rider 🇮🇲



R24H – 4th in class. 1st Manx rider. 7th Overall!

10UTB – 8th in class. 1st Manx rider. 9th Solo Overall!

So this years goals were to reach a Top 10 overall in 10UTB AND R24H. You can see that Nigel smashed that even though he was unsupported (huge disadvantage in 24hour racing) and trains on average less than 4 hours a week!

We’re looking forward to seeing how Nigel will perform at the 2018 WEMBO Championships and Swiss Epic stage race next year!

If you’ve got an event your training in 2018. Be sure to get in touch with us at


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