MTB Guiding On The Isle Of Man

The Isle Of Man is renowned as a destination for it’s motorbike history however its two wheeled companion, the mountain bike is growing in popularity thanks to the islands increasing network of mountain bike trails! Many are hidden gems!

Having ridden at the best trail centres, resorts and award winning locations across Europe, the Isle Of Man still has something special to offer. The trails here will take you through truly unspoilt natural scenery!

IMG_0320With views like this it’s easy to see why!

For riders new to mountain biking we recommend starting at Conhrenny plantation. Only a short drive from the iconic Creg-Ny-Baa pub. Here you will find an entertaining mix of flowing fire roads and blue grade features in the single track through the trees. The trails are well marked and easy to navigate when following the arrows!

However if you’re looking for a longer route with a mix of climbing, technical single track requiring basic navigation our next option could be the route for you:

Beginning in the coastal town of Peel, ride from the prom along the quayside towards the Kipper factory. Join the disused railway line until you reach St. John’s. Once You’ve made it past the old train station  keep an eye out for the next gate, once you reach it turn right up the Seven Gates climb. Upon reaching the top enjoy your view before heading into the trees of Archallagan Plantation. Whilst in ‘Archie’ there are a range of trails from smooth to rooty. Explore, remembering that you’ll head back to Peel the same way you arrived!


Plenty of gates for an obligatory bike with a view photo!

If you’re searching for adrenaline and challenge, the Three Legs Route has it all. Starting from the ‘Round Table’ junction (A36 meets A27) the ride begins with a descent alongside the A27 through Glen Rushen, down a fast trail littered with rollable features flowing into the next valley. At the bottom of the valley turn left to climb up the road. 

Crossing over the junction towards Cringle Plantation enter the lay-by to your left and immediately hop over the hedge into the trees.Follow the trail to your left and descend the Black grade ‘Riddler’ trail. Recover next to the reservoir before taking the left hand track onto the ‘Whiskey Run’ climb.


If you still have the energy, ride the road towards Foxdale/Douglas, turning left at the next junction. At the end of the Arrassey Plantation tree line turn left onto the End2End trail. You can follow this, or venture left down the ‘Enduro’ routes until you reach the Tarmac road at the bottom of the plantation. From there you can climb up the track alongside the river and up the pipeline! This rocky off road climb is one of the toughest on the island, once you reach the top take in the views before you pack up!


At Pedal To Progression we can guide you around any of these routes or a personalised route to suit your fitness and ability. Using leading industry standards we make sure you remain safe, well prepared and have a great ride!

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