2016 – A time to change?

As 2016 begins so does the new year, new you trend!

We’ve got five top tops to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. EVALUATE – Collect your thoughts and information on your previous performances. For example, looking at previous race results may show which type of course you struggle with, or viewing onboard videos for areas you crash or lose momentum in, power or heart rate data from your Garmin may show up when your fitness is letting you down.
    With our clients training programs we repeat this part of the process regularly to keep moving forward towards their goals.
  2. ASSESS –  You need to complete a test in order to find out where you are at now. If you have a fitness goal this can be measured by completing a fitness test. If you have a psychological or behavioural goal this is harder to assess. We can assist with an appropriate test for all areas.
  3. GOAL SETTING – This part could have a whole blog about it, but here’s the very basics. Now that you know what you want to improve and where you are now, you need to set your SMART goal. If it is specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time based to be completed by then your more likely to reach your goal.


  4. PLAN – This is where you can put in all the little parts of the puzzle in the order you think they will allow you to reach your goal. A coach can assist you by doing this in the most efficient manner, whilst keeping you on track. At Pedal To Progression we have a few rules of thumb to help you stay motivated and progressing towards your chosen goal.
  5. TRACKING – As you complete your plan track your progress as you did in step 1. and once you’ve followed your plan for around 8 weeks make sure you retest yourself to see how you’ve done!

    Following these simple steps will give you a positive way to progress towards your goals for 2016!

    If you would prefer more information, or wish to discuss a personalised training plan please contact us via:


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