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Lately we’ve had some awful weather which is very common during the British summer winter months! Poor trail conditions are no reason to stop riding your bike though. These difficult conditions make UK riders some of the most skillful in the world!

Here are our top tips for riding in the windy and rainy weather!


  1. LAYERS – When your out in colder temperatures you need to keep your core warm. At a start, we recommend a base layer, a jersey or two on top and a waterproof gillet or jacket that can be removed if it stops raining!
  2. STEEP TERRAIN – Riding down steeper trails avoids getting soaked from puddles as water runs off down the hill on well built trails. The lack of grip on such a steep gradient will also challenge your bike control!


  3. LOOK FOR COVER – Take your ride into the trees! The close proximity of lines of trees will shelter you from the majority of the rain and wind. Be aware that light may fade earlier that expected in the mist and merk between the trees!
  4. DROP THE PRESSURE – Your overall trail speed slows down in mud so you can afford to lower tyre pressure and soften your suspension to enhance grip! A set of winter tyres  with softer rubber and wider tread will help gain more grip on the slippy surfaces!


So get out there and PEDAL TO PROGRESSION!

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