At Pedal To Progression we have a range of ways to help you reach your goals:

  • Training programmes and plans
  • Bike setup (including suspension tuning)
  • Video Coaching
  • Fitness testing
  • Advanced technical analysis

If you have a query or want something not specified above, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

Training Programmes

Our training programmes allow you to make the most out of the training time that you have available. Your bespoke training programme will be prescribed by a qualified coach who specialises in the individualisation of training to improve your cycling performance.

Your training will be delivered following your initial consultation and fitness test, and will consist of either monthly or fortnightly training blocks. Each training block will have specific aims and the training focus will vary each week. You will complete fitness tests after 8 weeks of training and your plan will be refined using your training data and the results from testing using TrainingPeaks software.

Whatever your level, whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, a racer looking for those marginal gains or if you have a goal to complete a challenging sportive then there is a programme for you! Contact us for a no obligation consultation to see what is the best option for you!


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Training Plans

Our training plans are detailed, easy to follow and use so that it’s easy to access your plan using your phone, tablet or computer. Find our profile HERE.. Events we have designed plans for include:

  • The Manx Telecom End2End – 8 week plan
  • The Manx 100
  • Longest Day, Longest Ride

Contact us for a no obligation consultation to see what is the best option for you!

Video Coaching

Our coaching is now accessible to you from anywhere with internet using our new video coaching services!

This is perfect for riders who:

  • Want proven coaching that’s efficient and effective.
  • Have limited training time and need focused drills to improve your skills when it suits you!
  • You’ve read articles, watched YouTube videos and still can’t master it!
  • Are unable to make it to our skills courses.





To use this service all you need to do is contact us and we’ll send you a link to upload your video to. We’ll analyse your video and send you clear, concise feedback and targets to focus your efforts to improve.

Three packages are available:

1 video – £30 

Already got a video or technique in mind? This option is perfect if you want coaching at your convenience. A great introduction to our video coaching.

3 videos – £80

Ideal for those wanting to progress from a basic technique to a more complex skill. We’ll provide you with guide to develop your chosen skill.

12 videos – £300

For anyone committed to improving their riding in the long term this all inclusive package offers you plenty of opportunity to develop your riding with our comprehensive step by step coaching.

To enquire about availability email us at: or contact us!


Got a new bike and not sure how to get the most out of it? Get a nagging pain that you just can’t shift? Don’t know your compression from your rebound?

IMG_1217Whether you need a race setup for cross country, correct positioning on your trail bike or a perfect fit for downhill, then our bike setup sessions are just for you. We’ll use a trail your familiar with to dial in your suspension and make your bike handle better than ever!

We offer a tailored service completely focused on getting the most out of your bike. We’ll suggest adjustments for your chosen use and help you understand how each adjustment works and then test out any changes. We’ll record the results for you to keep for future reference!

2 hour bike setup session – Only £100

TOP TIP: Combine this with a skills coaching session for the ultimate improvement in your riding!